Our Story

The Experience


Kelly Clement is the owner & Chief Energy Officer of IGNITE Dance Connections.  She designs, sources & dreams of costumes and has ignited dancers across the U.S. 

Dance is her PASSION.  

She is a choreographer, dance educator, costume-designer and dance judge with over 35 years of experience in this amazing artistic & athletic industry.  After 15 years in Corporate America leading apparel merchandising & global production teams for a Fortune100 retailer, she ignited a spark to fill the need she felt as a teacher trying to find unique looks to set her routines on fire!  IGNITE Dance Connections was launched in October 2015.  She has pulled in talented pattern-makers & seamstresses to share their talents to make up a multiple BEST COSTUME award-winning team.  We look forward to continuing to learn & grow through our clients, dancers, & this evolving industry.

The Moment


In today’s age, uniqueness, authenticity & self-expression make any choreography stand out in the sea of dance performances.  IGNITE is here to do that for costumes.  So much goes in to a 2 minute performance...choreography, technique, energy, getting dancers to their potential, fitting in your financial costume budgets...we are a dance costume solutions company that will help you maximize your moment.  Let us take your concept & movement & ignite it on stage with a look that personifies your dance and takes it to the next level.  

The Dancers


  We get you. We listen. We love dance.  When it comest down to it, it needs to fit well, help to deliver confidence, & project your story to the audience and the judges.  A dancer needs to have conviction, purpose & meaning behind his or her movement & that is how we look at costuming.  From soloists, to small groups to production lines, we look forward to creating something to be part of your story.